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In the mor ing stir it again and pour it in an old laundry jug half way. Fill the rest with cold water. Shake. Now u r ready!U will have a five month supply of laundry detergent. so, my husband freaks out when it’s time to buy MORE laundry detergent at sams club. I am a scentsy consultant and want to try the washer wiffs and think MAYBE this would be an awesome thing to do. About how long does a batch of this last?I do probably 10 loads a week. sometimes less. I constantly have to go through each shirt and treat it with stain treatment with two small children and half the time it doesn’t get the stain out anyway. I’m just wanting to go to my husband and say hey, this will be cheaper!also, my husband has sorta sensitive skin and he says that normal dry detergents at the store make him have a reaction. since i’ve known him we have used liquid.

You should make sure that the company that you hire is able to respond to all of your queries.

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Make sure you consider this advice before you begin your venture.

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