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Hey Mark – There are a number of valid answers to your question, but here are my thoughts on it. First, I am fairly conservative and don’t rush into things with both barrels blasting and spending lots of money. I would consider building an inexpensive website and developing a relationship with an experienced local technician to take the service calls that you are not ready for yet see our post “Enter the Stealth Tech”. That way you can observe traffic patterns without misleading any well intentioned customers who really just need service. I wouldn’t worry about my profit margin too much with those initial calls, focus on paying the other technician well and establishing a reliable relationship with dependable results. Once you get that going you can experiment with generating paid leads Service Magic and such to get more feedback on your area’s potential needs.

Auto Tire Shop Equipment and Supplies Business Opening an auto tire shop equipment and supplies business is an excellent entrepreneurial opportunity but it's important to plan out the business in detail before you start.

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A single mistake can prove to be a costly affair if you fail in providing correct plumbing solution.

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